A helpful article about day trading:



There are thousands of stocks to choose from, some which move very little, some which move a lot. Day traders can choose any sort of stock they want to day trade, but many choose to trade high volume stocks that are seeing significant price movement. This approach typically requires some research because which stocks are seeing lots of movement may change from day to day or week to week. If you want to day trade stocks that see the biggest price moves, here are a few ways to find them.

Narrowing down the universe of potential day trading stocks requires a stock screener, also called a stock screener or stock filter.

Constantly Volatile Stocks

If you want to trade volatile stocks, with minimal research, run the following criteria on a stock screener each week. Pick two or three stocks from the list (if there are more than two results) and trade them for the week. On the weekend, run the screen again, and repeat.

Using the screener on StockFetcher.com works best for this one:

show stocks where the average day range(100) is above 5%
and price is between $10 and $100
and average volume(30) is greater than 4000000
and exchange is not amex
add column average volume(30)
add column average day range (30)

Create a new filter on StockFetcher.com (it’s free) and copy and paste the above into the Customize field. Click “Fetch Stocks!” to see your list. The free version of the software only produces five results, but you only want to pick two or three from the list anyway, so the free version of the software should suffice for most day traders.

 Read Entire Article:  https://www.thebalance.com/find-day-trading-stocks-1031458


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