April 11th 1984:  A baby boy who would be known to the world as Marcello Arrambide. Born 375px-venezuela_location_map-svg-300x268in a small town, in the country of Venezuela in a small town called “Merida” [it is on the far left side of the country]. Hold the picture on the right in mind when I tell you my story.

My mother and I, arrived in the USA with nothing but hope. Let’s spin on, shall we?

When I was 13: I was already working two jobs (under the table) not to buy what I needed, not what I wanted.

When I was 16: Going to school while working four, count them, 4 jobs and doing extra-curricular activities like Soccer (“Football” to the rest of of the world) and weight training.


I was laboring for my freedom.


When I was 17: Ditched my extra-curricular activities to focus only on high school for 3 classes with OTJ training (on-the-job training)…I was the obsessive salesman, the quintessential “fanatical entrepreneur”.  About those four jobs…One of them was cd-burning. Remember those little discs? I started as soon as the hardware/software came out; I burned and sold cd’s for around $5 a pop.  And while I worked at the local bakery, I had the idea to take the leftovers to school and sold them to students the very next morning. Even the teachers and administrators eventually counted on me to have something for them. They were being thrown out anyway, so might as put them to good use. Waste not, want not.

I eventually went to New York City to find a contact in the People’s Republic of China [mainland China] to have purses shipped to me directly, so I could sell them directly. I was doing everything possible to be the man in the middle or on top.  Each rung on the ladder brought me closer to my freedom. The climb seemed endless…

And like clockwork, each and every summer, I would head out of town to take advantage of college courses to finish high school.  I even did real estate and everything else possible to make ends meet. Working day by day and living paycheck-to-paycheck…I still didn’t know how I was going to pay for college. It seemed as far away as Never Never Land.


Working, going to school full time, and trying to have a social life was just too daunting. But what can one do?


I was always anchored to a place, a specific location, always, always, having to “go back.” How exactly was I to earning my freedom if I am relying on others to receive a paycheck? An allowance? A stipend? That was still dependency!  I wanted to be a master of my own fate and live life on my own terms.  I was never any good at taking orders and working for someone else.  I wanted to be able to work and live anywhere my heart desired and whatever pace I desired.

The famous steps in Rio De Janeiro ~ Feeding Hyenas in Ethiopia ~ Posing in front of the main square in Venice


I lost the entire $25,000 in student loans in. Just. One. Month. $833.33/day. Gone.


Worst of all? I was still working minimum wage! That was about $8 / hour back then. How on Earth was I ever going to be able to re-pay that money? Should I borrow more money? Let alone even continue day trading since I was so trying to get my life in order?  I was undeterred–I’ve always been a man of strong convictions.  I spent countless hours back-testing, spoke with a myriad number of traders, and finally, finally reached the beginning of what I would call true freedom!